Introducing the Compass Blog

August 1st 2017 has been a fairly ordinary day in terms of news. It will perhaps be remembered for the sacking of Donald Trump’s newly appointed, and outspoken, communications director Anthony Scaramucci after just 10 days in office. However, it is an important date in the calendar and history of Compass, the student magazine of the Cambridge Geography Department, as it marks the launch of our website and brand new online aspect of our content with the CompassBlog.

The online platform offers an opportunity to extend the scope of Compass and build upon the magazine’s successful first year as a print magazine. The blog will feature articles ranging from comment on current affairs, explainers of key issues, book reviews of the latest geographical releases, interviews with key figures, speakers and intellectuals as well as personal experience discussions with and from students currently undergoing research or dissertation projects.

It is an inclusive and interactive platform that has been created to include our audience too and welcomes contributions from readers – either through commentary on our published articles or articles that you have written yourself. Please send any submissions to

Compass Magazine will continue to be published every term but we hope that this blog provides a stimulating and current online addition to our current print edition. We hope that you enjoy reading our content!


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